Saturday, 30 July 2011

Summer Supper 2011

Last Wednesday evening saw us at Sue H's house for our annual summer super.

It always surprises me that we all agree to bring either a sweet or savoury dish and we end up with a fantastic array of food. Wednesday was no exception and we all tucked in to great food and drink - Well you do have to have Pimms on a summer evening don't you?  Sue M made a lovely lemonade drink which was thankfully non alcoholic for all the drivers.

We are losing a very long standing member of our group this summer. For the past 25 something years Hilary has opened up the Shipton Reading Room hall and laid out chairs and in the winter put the heating on so it is nice and warn for us.
She has been an unsung hero over the years so as a token of esteem we made friendship blocks and she was given flowers and a garden voucher to buy something for her new garden.
We wish Hilary all the very best in this new phase of her life.
Hilary opening her friendship blocks

It was a lovely relaxed evening and now we are on holiday until September when we will be welcoming back old and some new members.

A very big thank you for Sue H for hosting a lovely evening and to Clive her DH who went fishing to get out of our way- I hope he did arrive back home as when we left it was pitch dark he was not back-  CLIVE. Its safe to come back we have gone. LOL.

Happy holiday ladies.