Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Gift of Quilts


Today we set off to London to visit Olympia to see the 500 quilts made for the Olympic Games.

Every country's main team plus the Paralympic team will be given a quilt and we found  that The Shipton Quilters quilt called Shipton All Stars will be going to the main team of Mauritania which is in West Africa.

I personally made one too and found mine to be going to Paralympics team of Mozambique.

I felt it was a real treat to see these quilts as it is the only time they would have been seen all together.Thankfully they have produced a book with a photograph of  all of the quilts in it and  I purchased one for the group so you get to see your work in PRINT. 

I don't know why but think we will be taking a little bit more interest in the team of Mauritania in the opening ceremony and watching to see how they perform throughout the games.

As you can see it was Abigail's first quilt show. We thought that this was a little bit of history in the making for her although she doesn't know it just yet!

Sue W
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