Friday, 22 March 2013

Philippa Naylor

Its really been such a long time that I posted that I almost forgot how to post  but after struggling with the inactivity of the blog  through blogger I hope this is all going to work out.

We have just had the most fantastic couple of days with Philippa Naylor.
 She gave a talk to the group and guest's on Wednesday evening followed by a wonderful workshop the following day of Free Motion Feathers.

Philippa showed us  a few of her quilts at the end of the talk , I say a few quilts as that's is what we saw. This is because Philippa has won  so many awards at Houston and Paducah that AQS have purchased them.

 She makes us proud to be British when she has some many of quilts living in Museum's  in  the USA . You might say they  certainly know a good thing when they see it.

 Philippa is an exceptional teacher,  warm,  friendly with a wonderful generous spirit and sense of humour.
We all had a fun filled day and now its just practise practise practise so that we hopefully do her teaching skills proud!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Philippa from us all at Shipton Quilters. 
P.S thanks also for the tip on how to keep our lipstick on ALL DAY.
We might all be walking about with Ruby Red lips from now on.

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suemluvsquilts said...

I agree wholeheartedly Sue. Philippa really is a superb teacher and I so enjoyed both the talk and the wonderful workshop. Did everyone feel as exhausted as I did afterwards?! Thank you to Philippa and a big thank you to all the ladies who attended and made it such a fun day.Also of course a big thank you to everyone who helped organize, set up, put down, made gorgeous cakes etc, etc